The popularity gained by UV ink can be traced to a variety of reasons.

* Unlike water and solvent-based inks UV inks takes less time to dry, print faster with UV ink.

* UV ink is more efficient and is not lost during drying or curing.

* Printing cost is much reduced due to non-evaporative property of the ink.

* UV inks are more environment friendly, resistant to smearing, consistent, fast, light, easy to clean and glossy.

High quality engineered laminate wood Flooring now comes in different materials, textures and finish. The reason for their popularity is their durability and low maintenance. It is also low on cost compared to wood. Laminate wood flooring can easily endure any kind of spills and scratches. They are ideal for any kind of climatic conditions due to the components used in manufacturing them. New and advanced raw materials are providing even longer life and ever durability to laminates.

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